UU Church in Mexico helps community and deportees

Cynthia Claus has returned to San Miguel de Allende and her UU congregation there, UUFSMA, for the next 9 months. She wanted to share some of the ways in which her congregation helps the Mexican community in which they are so welcomed. 

They give over 50% of their income right back into the community in the form of grants to well-vetted NGOs (non-profits) which help with scholarships, literacy programs, medical and dental care for children, water purity and sustainability, and lots of other programs. Members also give countless volunteer hours to these programs and many others. Please watch the video below to see how Caminamos Juntos (We Walk Together), an organization we founded and fund (with a generous grant from the Southern Region of the UUA, among others), is helping Mexican deportees to establish themselves in Mexico.

John Bohnel has made a video about deportee Omar Rogel and his family. Our congregation and Caminamos Junto have welcomed the Rogels and are working to help them integrate into life in San Miguel. Please click on this link – Love Will Find a Way Home on Vimeo