What is the Committee on Ministry and what do they do?

The Committee on Ministry (COM) is a small group appointed by the Board to assist in accomplishing USG’s mission by advising the Minister; facilitating communication between the Minister and members of the congregation; and helping resolve conflicts, using outside consultation when necessary. We also are responsible for handling issues under USG’s Safe Congregation Policy and Covenant of Right Relations. 

We seek to create a respectful space where you will be listened to. You can speak with us confidentially, and we act with discretion. We do, however, as responsible stewards of USG, reserve the right to share critical information with the USG Board if necessary.

You can contact committee members to set up a meeting or phone call at COM@usguu.org

Committee members are Shobhi Kanal (chair), Andrea Parry, and Jim Salom.

Want to know more?  You can access these documents on the USG website, www.usguu.org

  • The Safe Congregation Policy and Covenant of Right Relations:  hover over “About” on the ribbon at the top of the home page, and select “Keeping Us Safe.” 
  • The Committee on Ministry Charter: USG members can log into the website, hover over “About,” and select “Policies and Procedures.” It’s under Groups Appointed by the Board or Elected by the Congregation.