Exploring Elderhood in Person: End of Life Planning

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

As the adage goes, the only things that are guaranteed in life are death and taxes, and you probably know a lot more about taxes than you do about death. So come learn about the ins and outs of end of life planning with Isabel Knight, the President of the National Home Funeral Alliance, an organization that educates families and communities to educate their own loved ones after death, and board member of the Funeral Consumer’s Alliance of Pennsylvania. We will discuss topics like whether burial or cremation is better for the environment, how to plan ahead so that your loved ones are not surprised by a huge funeral bill after you die, and what a death doula does. Please come with your own questions about anything relating to end of life!

You are invited to bring individual snacks or a beverage. There will not be a zoom option for this meeting.

This program meets once a month, every 2nd Friday at 2PM, now usually in person in Sullivan Chapel. Its purpose is to celebrate the path, with emphasis on the spiritual path, of all who are aging (that’s all of us!) but especially those who consider themselves Elders (or wannabe Elders) and is open USG members, guest and visitors with no minimum age.

Zoom invitations always go to the whole email list. If you are not getting invitations and want to join us, email elderhood@usguu.org with Subject: Join Elders. No two programs are the same; come and see what the Elders are up to this time!  

USG Sullivan Chapel