Flute Circle for All Ages

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Of all the instruments of all the myths and religions of the world, one of the most universal is the flute. The Hindu Krishna, the Greek Pan, the Hopi Kokopelli; in Celtic tradition, in Zen meditation, in Judao-Christian scripture – it is the flute that speaks to the ancestors, calms the soul, and guides us home.
You can be part of this deep tradition. Please join us in the weekly Philadelphia Flute Circle at 7:00pm every other Wednesday from January 31 until April 11 (so January 31, February 14 and 28, March 14 and 28 and April 11) in the Sullivan Wing. Together we will breathe, explore, and share the possibilities for music-making and meditation through the flute.
No musical experience is necessary, and all types of flutists are welcome – from advanced players to absolute beginners. The circle is open to all types of flutes – western “classical” style, Native American, recorders, whistles… Easy-to-play flutes and recorders will be available for use, but if you have an instrument, please bring it.
Facilitating the group will be Meg Ryan, fluter, meditator, and improviser. An experienced musician, teacher, and workshop facilitator, Meg has led numerous music-and-meditation improvisation groups, including the Minneapolis Flute Circle and Soul Taizé, an interfaith music circle at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Jersey City, NJ. Meg holds a Master of Music degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has performed as a soloist and chamber musician throughout the U.S. and in Paris, France. An avid student and advocate of cultural understanding and exchange through music, she also plays flutes from Ireland, Japan, India, and indigenous American cultures. She has been a student and practitioner of Zen meditation since 1991.

USG Sullivan Chapel