Racism Book/Study Group

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

For our next meeting, we will engage the next three sections of White Supremacy Culture, by Tema Okun: Only one right way, Paternalism and Either/or thinking.

As with the other sections, please spend some time thinking about these three characteristics. Examine whether they show up in you or any of your communities, home, work, school, church, family, etc. And what that looks like. And then think about the antidotes and whether any of them are things you think would be helpful, are any of them things you might be able to shift? 

The group began in July 2018. It will generally meet monthly. We will share and listen until everyone has had a chance to share once and then discuss. All are welcome and asked to do the reading in advance.  We have read UUs of Color, Centering and Black Pioneers in a White Denomination and Darkening the Doorways and engaged the document White Supremacy Culture, by Tema Okun.

Treva Burger leads the group, contact her with questions or if you would like to buy or borrow a book from her, trevawb@gmail.com.

USG Sullivan Chapel