Capital Campaign Needs Your Pledge
The Time is Now!
As you know, we are in the home stretch of a drive to fund two projects for our beautiful building and grounds. We want to install an elevator that will make USG accessible to all people, and a widened and beautified driveway befitting our main entrance.
We have already raised $261,700 for these projects! But we need to raise $88,300 more. This is a very large goal for us to take on, but we can get there…IF everyone pitches in! Every pledge counts and helps to achieve the goal.
Members are already hard at work on these projects: Bill Dowdall, Charles Gabriel, Bill Blasdell, Kurt Ahrens, Carolyn Cotton and Jon Pron. But we will not commit to going forward unless all the funding is in place.
By now you have already considered this request and how your contribution will fit into it. You know that your pledge can be paid over three years, starting in 2017. These dreams will only come true if you send in your pledge NOW!
Pledges may be sent to Linda Bernstein at or Bill Dowdall at or the capital campaign email address: You may also pledge at
If you have already made a commitment, we thank you. If not, we need to hear from you now.
The Capital Campaign Committee