USG’s Water Ceremony: Connecting with Miracles of Life —Rev. Kent Matthies, DSD Ryan Hurd, Music Director Mark Daugherty & the USG Choir

For our Ingathering Water Ceremony, we begin the church year anew by celebrating Beloved Community and spiritual practices.  Meditation, prayer, walking, knitting, connecting with our brother animals – all are some of the ways in which we might connect with the miracles of life. These spiritual practices both affirm and sustain our very lives.  

All are invited to bring water from special summer places – including from your homes.  We will pour water into the communal bowl.  This in gathering will lift our bodies, minds and spirits.  

The Worship Service will be followed by an All-Church potluck lunch in the Grove, weather permitting.  Bring your most delicious end-of-summer salads, veggies, fish, or meat. Omnivores, carnivores and herbivores all welcome!